Ghalia Derkeshli

Interior Designer

About this web site By Nadim Bakia

I created this website for my Fiance GHALIA
GHALIA is a great person and a great designer

She taught me a lot of things that I'm grateful for.
This site is my gift to her

A way to show some of the LOVE she deserves.
I also wrote this Thank you POEM
I wish she will like it, Fingers crossed.

Thank you Poem By Nadim Bakia

Although my need is great,
My gratitude is more,
But you are like the sunshine,
Drowning all in light.
Thank you for having faith in me,For opening a door,
For having the desire to share your life with me

Thank you for listening,
Hearing me out,
All my sad sorrow,
Needed no doubt.
Kindness can creat courage when,

You see what tomorrow brings.
Opening your arms to me,
Unravels my own fear.

Thank you again for who you are,
However far away.
And for the words you say to me,
Never doubted it's a lie.
Knowing simply that this poem is true.

Yet you think more of me.
Opens up my dark corners.
Undone for all to see.


Nadim Bakia

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Nadim Bakia.



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